Guiding for Michigan’s Black Bear
for Over Years

Thank you for considering Gonzo Bear Camp for your black bear hunt in Michigan’s beautiful upper peninsula off Interstate 41 Highway 28, on Wawonowin Road, approximately one-half mile south
of Greenwood Reservoir.

Dale Gray is the owner and outfitter of Gonzo Bear Camp. After bow hunting all over the world, including Africa, Australia, Canada and many states in America, Dale decided about 38 years ago to start his own bear camp, upon the prompting of his friends and fellow bear hunters.

Wanting a rustic and “pure” hunting experience for his fellow bear hunters, Dale with his close friend and hunting buddy, Jim Gaydou, developed the hunting camp to accommodate your RVs, campers, tents or provide lodging in our beautiful two-story heated half-log-pole barn, with an outside heated shower.

Gonzo Bear Camp has been at its current location for over ten years, hunting in Gwinn, Baraga and Amasa units. In that time, more than 250 bears have been harvested, ranging in size from 150 pounds to more than 600 pounds.

Come join us for great hunting and fishing, good food and camaraderie around the campfire under the stars.

We at Gonzo Bear Camp are committed to making your bear hunt an experience to remember for a lifetime.

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Gonzo Bear Camp Modular Hunt

$995 for 7 days Includes
A Working Active Bait
Replenishment of Bait
Recovery of Your Bear
RVs, Camping or Bunkhouse Lodging

Add What You Need
Skinning & Freezing $100
Processing & Packaging $100
Non-Hunters $50
7 days, 3 meals a day $175
Children Free

* Transportation to and from bait is the hunter’s responsibility.

Gonzo Bear Camp
Dale Gray — Owner / Outfitter
2730 S. Dort Highway
Flint, MI 48507
(810) 744-9171 | Monday – Saturday 8 a.m. – Noon
(810) 814-8936 | Cell

John Nicolson (989) 257-2725
Brett Nicolson (810) 701-5061

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